summer is right around the corner and juxtapose to summer, heat can = humidity which can = a hair nightmare for some people! as a charleston, sc native and a washington, dc resident, i am no stranger to humidity.  rather than be enemies, i choose to embrace and befriend the bastard!  humidity for my IVa/IVb natural hair type = BIG hair!

so here are some tips to help your tresses stay moisturized and frizz free:

I. switch your heavy butter and hair cremes for lightweight water-based products. 

summer heat quickly dries out hair, and what better way to regain moisture than to use water?!  the use of butter and creme-based products tend to coat the hair which makes it hard for water to penetrate.

II. opt for curly styling options that will work well in humid climates rather than straightening your tresses.

rocking your curly locks will just save you time, energy and money, and since you can’t fight the weather so just work with it.  i love to wear flexi rod sets and twists outs that are done using a setting lotion so that the definition can last longer.

III. create your personal mix of products that work for you.

water, jojoba oil and glycerin are wonderful things to use for a personal mix!  personally, i get my summer mix from kimmaytube (II tablespoons of knot today leave-in conditioner + II tablespoons aloe vera juice + teaspoons of jojoba oil, and II teaspoons of castor oil), but make it your own, play around with some new products that work for your hair-type, and have fun!

don’t be stressed by your tresses and as always, while you live in neon

stay beat boots beautes!

IV: michelle german

health and beauty director

photo credits: i  iii